By reading this you have taken the first step to becoming a successful player.

We are the creators of the sharpest sports information network in the country.

What does this mean for your book, offshore, local casino?

This means you are about to become an absolute nightmare for whatever unsuspecting book that is taking your action.

We collectively have over 60 years in the sports information business and in this business it’s not about what you know, but who you know.

Sure there may be handicappers that know more than we do about specific players, teams, stats, trends, and systems.


With the internet today, you as well as every sports bettor out there has access to all that information.

We can assure you that Las Vegas & Offshore sports books all over the world are NOT shaking in their boots about any glaring stat that is available to the betting public.

If only we and our clients were the only sports bettors alive, then guess what ... there would be no more bookies.

That's right we would take all of their money, and the well would run dry.

Luckily for us, and you, there are millions of sports bettors that just love the challenge of twisting their brains, trying to win.

Good Luck to them.


The definition of a "NETWORK” is: A system of lines or channels that cross or interconnect.

With the 60 years that we have been involved in sports information, we have developed business relationships with the sharpest people in sports wagering.

Our most valuable contacts are the strongest sports books in the world.

There are many Sports Books in Costa Rica, but 3 in particular that we refer to as “The Big 3”, that are by far the most valuable tool we have available that other handicappers do not.

In addition we have sources throughout the country from Las Vegas, New York, California, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado.

Each contact brings specific valuable information to the network and has their own skill set.

We have a handle on the most up to date information available anywhere.

Simply put, nothing gets past us!

Each of our sources obtain information in their specific areas of expertise in and out of the country and they relay that information to us.

Think about it, do you want a handicapper from Las Vegas giving you stats and trends on a game being played in Minnesota?

Does that make sense to you?

When we give you a play the information comes specifically from one of our network sources based in that region, or “The Big 3”.

We are known industry wide as "NETWORKERS" for this specific reason.

Las Vegas started taking wagers over 80 years ago, and the last time we checked they are still building multi-million dollar hotels and sports books.

Where is the money coming from, you might ask?

I can tell you for sure, it is NOT coming from us or our clients.

You work hard for your money, busting your butt 5, 6 maybe even 7 days a week.

You love your family, enjoy hanging out with your friends. Let's make sure this part of your life is just as rewarding.

If you want to be part of the countries sharpest gaming network and be a financial threat to your book on a daily basis, then you have come to the right place.